25 years of painting in watercolor has given me an in-depth knowledge of what this medium has to offer. Watercolor as a nomenclature conjures a variety of definitions. Even though these definitions may vary from lay person to the professional, there is one thing that stays constant, the allure and magical spell this medium imparts like no other medium in its class.

Dissecting the very nature of what these color pigments do and correlating such with the native aesthetics of my vision has been a most rewarding experience. The impulse as a creative to translate many thoughts inspired by visual experiences in combination with my color philosophy never gets old. I have had many of these experiences throughout the years.

Most recently in a seven-year span, living in the Persian Gulf provided many intriguing visual highlights and these were quite exceptional to say the least. Qatar being a base during this time prompted a variety of opportunities such as easy access to Europe and the Far East. You will see many inspirations from these regions on this site.

As Images keeps me inspired I will dedicated myself to share these visions with you as I interpret them. The continual study through studio explorations, workshops and seminars rest as an integral part to what will be shared. This is a fundamental effort in part to maintain a scholarly approach, which I hope will help to establish some legitimacy to my work.

I will hope to hear from you in your thoughts and interests by visiting the guest book link on this page. If you see an image that interest you and you care to know more, please feel free to contact me. Fellow practitioners, or just interested folks I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.